Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C - Episode 02

Second episode, it's a Stand Alone, an independent one.

Here, we see a tank wreak havoc during what looks like a PMC - Private Military Company - exercise.
As everything is not what it seems, Section 9 is soon called upon.
Another good episode, as good as the first, the script already gives evidences on themes explored in future episodes, like this:

It's interesting to see implications of the approached themes in our current world. While some say we're already living in the future, I beg to disagree. For instance, here:

I'll believe in the future when that'll be possible

It's all religion's fault
 Even now, it is common to see people against, for example, stem cell research, wether under religion beliefs or another influence.

In this case, a work of fiction makes us reflect about the subject, in which religion influences negatively on progress - here, influencing on someone's salvation.
In the GitS world, the artificial body is a reality but in yours, not yet.
Would you let something like your own religion or someone else's intervene ou delay another's salvation?
My answer, i think, is obvious.

Having this episode as basis, it is not hard to see what ethical and legal discussions of our future, close or not.

Another aspect which might happen in a close future following the same discussion is fastly mentioned here:

Terrorists groups against cyberization or artificial bodies.

In our world, terrorists are frequently linked to extremist religious groups and here it looks like it isn't different. Of course, in a different context, but not hard to think as a possible evolution of those groups, following our own evolution and of our technologies.

As I don't intend in answering all questions, or worse, be the righteous one, I leave here my opinion and a few screenshots of the second episode, which is Recommended!

Familiar scene
Ishikawa saves the day
Cyberbrain - are you in favor or against?