Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C - Episode 07

After three continuous Complex episodes, we have here a Stand Alone, to give a breath of fresh air not only for the series, but for the audience as well, to take us away from the overall complexity.

Meaning, this seventh episode is a filler and truth be told, not the most interesting one.

Section 9 investigates revolutionary leader Marcelo Jarti, who has been visiting Japan frequently, drawing the government attention.

The story is not all bad but what leaves a lot to desire is its execution.

For instance, Jarti is clearly inspired in Che Guevara, another idealistic revolutionary, but the character is not well developed and in the end, the uncovering of the truth doesn't cause much impact.

Lot of action here, but those are not enough breathtaking to save the episode

One interesting aspect is only mentioned and left aside, maybe a parallel with our world, which made me remember the I-Doser:

The story finishes with a revelation about the revolutionary, but I didn't feel much weight on it:

Claiming the non-interference in global events, Section 9 decides not to reveal the truth about Jarti and this chapter ends here.

Weak episode, not all bad, just under the average.

As curiosity, one scene reminded me of another in the first movie: