Friday, June 25, 2010

The beginning


To provide and discuss cyberpunk resources and cyber related material: anime, comics, movies, music - art in general.
To provide and discuss news and events related.
A space for gathering cyberheads and technophiles alike.

I will begin with a review of 2005 Australian short film, The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello.

Came across this animation gem by searching aviation movies and the title grabbed my attention.
While not particularly cyberpunk - i wouldn´t label it cyber at all - this 26 minutes short has more of a steampunk vibe.
It´s got all the ingredients that makes steampunk, well, steampunk: airships, steam-powered dirigibles, a Victorian-England styled setting in a industrial metropolis and more.
All this is enough to make you want to see "Jasper Morello", but the great standout is the animation style. Known as "Silhouette animation", in which the characters are seen through their black silhouettes, the movie was made using Adobe Photoshop, 3DS Max and Combustion. The technical side really is a show stealer.
And what about the story?
I watched only the first short, The First Voyage - Jasper Morello and the Lost Airship, and i can say is i look forward in watching the other three features:
The Second Voyage - Jasper Morello and the Return of Claude Belgon
The Third Voyage - Jasper Morello and the Ghosts of Alto Mea
The Fourth Voyage - Jasper Morello and the Ebenezer of Gothia, in a Feature Presentation.

I will spoil no more and leave to you guys to have your say on it.


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