Friday, July 2, 2010


After a 5 year hiatus, following 1995´s animated Ghost in the Shell feature, Mamoru Oshii released Avalon, a Japanese-Polish live action film.

Avalon tells the story of Ash, played by Polish actress Małgorzata Foremniak, and her forays into the world of a illegal virtual reality game called, yes, Avalon.

She is one the best players around and soon begins to hear stories of a secret level hidden inside Avalon called Special A.

What happens next is Ash´s quest for acessing the Special A level.

Avalon is Mamoru Oshii at his best. The story is told at a slow, contemplative pace and daily life routine, reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell; the cinematography shot in sepia tones, both in the VR and Real World, blurring the thin line between what is real and what is not; a musical interlude that may provide clues to the overral plot and much more.

Avalon takes its time to develop - expect deep level philosophy discussion between characters that may provide more clues to the plot.

There are many parallels to Ghost in the Shell that i will leave it for a more in depth comparison to another time.

Even tough that there are many similarities between Gits and Avalon that may turn off some people, the former is a solid cyberpunk movie that will surely make an impression, just like Mr Oshii´s other films.

A few screenshots that might come of attention:

Our heroin

Kicking virtual ass

Ash´s Avalon Statistics

Beautiful shot

Ghost in the Shell styled menu

Final boss

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